Do you want a mug with your own name or a bowl with a pattern you designed?
It is now optional to place a custom order!
This is what you need to do to make a custom order:

  • Make a drawing or find a picture of the shape you want your piece in. If you want a mug for example, show how big the mug must be and what shape you want for the handle. If you want lettering on the side, make sure to show it in your design!

  • Make a drawing or find a picture of the design you want. Make sure to let me know what pattern and colors you want.

  • Finally, don’t forget to let me know how many pieces you want.

As soon as you write an email to and placed the order, I’ll contact you with a quotation.

The price for a custom order depends on:

  1. – How many pieces you want
  2. – How much time it takes me to make the pieces
  3. – What design you want as for the shape and the glaze