About Arty Lemons

Do you know who made that cute mug you bought last week? Your answer would probably be ‘the store where I bought it made the mug’, right?

In our current society, we as customers have lost the connection with the makers of our products. It is very common to buy cheaply mass-produced ceramics. This mass production has a negative impact on the authenticity of a product. Arty Lemons brings back the authenticity of products and the connection between customer and maker.

Our mission is to change the relationship we have as customers with our products, from a throwaway society towards a more durable way of interacting with our goods.

Especially because sustainability is an important focal point for Arty Lemons. We spend a lot of time and thought in the process of making our ceramics in a sustainable way. We only make our ceramics in small batches. This means no mass-production machines are used in the production and tooling. We make sure to be as sparingly with materials as we can, using mostly natural and non (environmentally) harmful materials. Besides, we recycle as much as we can in the production process, but also when we ship our ceramics.

We sell ceramics through the launch of a small collections with a limited amount of pieces. Before every collection comes out, you can already pre-order some of the pieces, so you’ll get guaranteed the piece you want. We also offer custom products, for the creatives among us, who designed their own dream mug!

Artist behind Arty Lemons

My name is Ryanne, the artist behind Arty Lemons!

To be honest I would have never believed you if you told me a few years ago I would run a ceramics business.

It was around Christmas time 2020 and my country was in complete lockdown. I could not go to a physical store to buy Christmas presents. I remember finding myself looking for ways to make the gifts myself. I have always loved to paint and illustrate, so this should be fun I thought. I stumbled upon a video of a girl making her own mugs.

I thought this was the absolute coolest thing ever! Starting with just a bump of clay and using your imagination to make whatever you want! I did some research and ordered some materials.

On the second of February 2021 my clay and supplies arrived. This was the day I started making my own mugs! I fell in love with the slow process of hand-building using my imagination. Every mug, bowl or dish takes me around one month to finish, but every step of the process is very different, which makes the whole process interesting.

Ever since February I have been making and glazing my ceramic pieces, working almost every day. Personally I love the fact that every piece is very unique.

I aim to create unique and sustainable ceramics in a world of mass produced tableware by big corporations. All my one-of-a-kind pieces are meant to bring uniqueness into your home!

Lots of love,


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Frequently asked questions

All ceramic pieces are handmade using stoneware clay. Every piece is painted by hand with food safe glaze.

Everything is dishwasher / microwave safe, although hand washing is recommended to protect the glazes.

We provide international shipping!

A lot of care goes into packaging every piece to protect the ceramics in a sustainable way.

*Please note that Arty Lemons is not responsible for taxes, import duties or any stolen or missing packages*

In the unlikely event of your ceramic piece arriving broken or damaged, please contact us with pictures. Together with the customer we look for a suitable solution. Depending on the situation, you can return the piece for a replacement or refund.

We do not accept refunds for change of mind.